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SNKRR BAR Cleaning Brush Duo

SNKRR BAR Cleaning Brush Duo

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Introducing our versatile shoe brushes, designed to keep your footwear looking pristine at all times. Our shoe brushes come in a set of two, each with its own unique bristle type to cater to all your shoe cleaning needs.

The first brush features soft bristles, perfect for delicate materials such as suede, nubuck, and other sensitive fabrics. These gentle bristles effectively remove dust, dirt, and stains without causing any damage or abrasion to the surface of your shoes. 

For tougher stains and more durable materials like leather and canvas, our second brush comes equipped with hard bristles. These sturdy bristles provide a deeper clean, effectively removing stubborn dirt and grime from the surface of your shoes. 

Invest in our shoe brush set and say goodbye to dirty and dull shoes. With the combination of soft and hard bristles, you'll have all the tools you need to maintain the impeccable appearance of your footwear.

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